4th Edition
Interactions Mosaic
Lida R. Baker, Robert Baldwin, Laurie Blass, Jami Handreddy, Paul Most, Judith Tanka, Emily Austin Thrush and Elizabeth Whalley
Beginning to low Advanced
The listening/speaking strand of the Interactions Mosaic 4th Edition series gives students the opportunity to improve their listening, speaking, and conversation skills over five language proficiency levels. Each student text—the activities of which are structured around thematic chapters—can be used individually or as part of a set.
In This Chapter gives students a preview of the upcoming material
Listening to Conversations—in the first three levels—presents an introductory conversation and focuses on the rhythm and intonation of natural language through stress and reduction activities
Before You Listen, Listen, and After You Listen—in the first three levels—activate students’ prior knowledge through prelistening questions and vocabulary review, guides them to listen for main ideas and specific information, and reinforces their understanding through comprehension questions and vocabulary review. In the upper two levels, it prepares students for lectures by having them consider and discuss the topic and predict the main ideas of the lecture
Note-taking strategies begin with writing key words, categorizing, and outlining; then advances to identifying cause and effect, paraphrases, and summaries; then progresses to identifying pros and cons, etc.
Real-life listening and video news broadcasts immerse students in authentic language by connecting the classroom to real life through real-world situations. Scaffolding and follow-up activities reinforce listening and speaking skills
Pair work and group work encourage peer teaching and correction and maximize opportunities for discussion and negotiation
Pronunciation and speaking activities build students’ confidence by linking understanding to production and enhancing their fluency by providing a variety of role-play, presentation, and small-group discussion opportunities
Focus on Testing practices test-taking strategies vital for success on standardized tests
Students can benefit from additional practice activities at the on-line learning center